Coach Will’s Coaching Philosophy:

At Boulder High, our coaching staff is prepared to work with any athlete at any skill level to help them reach their goals. Whether these goals are a top eight finish in a tournament or qualifying for (and winning!) at State, we have the skills and resources to get them there. In the Boulder High Wrestling room, we integrate athletic, tactical, and emotional development into our coaching to ensure that each team member succeeds in both the physical and mental aspects of the sport regardless of skill level in a way that will translate beneficially to other aspects of their lives. To achieve this comprehensive personal development in our approach to each athlete, we target the following qualities:

  • Composure: To practice and create a foundation of confidence when handling adversity on the mat and in their lives.
  • Teamwork: To teach the value of being a good teammate and partner by providing the wrestlers a positive, team-building experience throughout the season.
  • Selflessness: To strongly encourage professional and hardworking bonds between drill partners and across the team. In doing so we create an environment of support and intensity in the room. State champions are made in pairs!
  • Academic achievement: To maintain a high GPA not just for one’s self, but for the team as well. If grades slip below passing, athletes are not permitted to practice or compete, and the team suffers as a result. Grades must be kept high in order to train yourself and to help your teammates achieve their goals.
  • Professionalism: To ensure that both winning and losing takes place with composure and a positive attitude in order to demonstrate respect to our competitors and this great sport. Our team philosophy is that “Courtesy, Dignity, and Respect brings Honor,” and that’s what each Boulder High Panther represents. No matter the outcome, we will focus on what we can improve and be ready to work hard in the room the next chance we get.
  • Discipline: To learn the value of setting and accomplishing goals through practice and preparation. This cross-cutting quality defines the Panther team and prepares our athletes for success both off and on the mat.
  • Dominance: To impose one’s will in a way that achieves victory for the individual and the team. This is not about looking good on the mat, but about results!
  • Perfection vs. Excellence: In order to compete with confidence, an athlete must not allow perfection to get in the way of their excellence. At Boulder High, we want to score points and go for pins. To do so, we must stay on the offensive and know while it may not always yield a perfect outcome, we can push through any adversity.