Parent Guidelines

Parents are a vital component to any wrestling program, and as such, can heavily impact a program either positively or negatively. I actively use Email and will respond to questions or concerns immediately either via Email or phone. While I do encourage you to volunteer, I do not allow parents to watch practice sessions. Thank you for your support of Boulder wrestling.

What to do:

  • Help your athlete eat nutritious meals and discourage junk food.
  • Maintain a curfew and insure sufficient sleep.
  • Talk to your child about his/her grades and school.
  • Attend the dual meets and tournaments!
  • Positively support his/her efforts in school and athletics
  • Cheer during matches
  • Encourage additional conditioning year around. (Camps)

What not to do:

  • Talk to your wrestler while he, or she is on the bench during dual meets.
  • Interfere with the preparation of your wrestler before a match.
  • Openly criticize, wrestlers, coaches or officials.
  • This is not Olympic competition. Officials will make some blatantly bad calls that may cost your wrestler the match. The coaches will handle it in a judicious way at the proper time and respectfully request that parents model the kinds of behaviors we expect from our kids.
  • Shout moves or coach during a match.
  • Wash the event team warm-up top, or bottom. (Washing the singlet is okay if care directions are followed)
  • Unless its imperative, ask to take your child home early from a tournament before the agreed upon dismissal time(s).

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Webmaster
  • Team Mom” or Dad”
  • Video Taping/Editing
  • Apparel Coordinator
  • Tournament or Food Coordinator
  • Fund Raising Coordinator
  • Statistician (


Talk to the coaching staff if you have any concerns anytime.