Weight Maintenance

Wrestling is unique because it enables athletes to compete against another athlete of the same weight. When an athlete loses weight in an unsafe manner it is not beneficial to himself or his team and will not be condoned. Most wrestlers will naturally shed excess weight through practice and proper diet. Prior to competition each fall, all wrestlers will be required to be weight certified by a doctor and with parent approval, will determine the lowest weight class at which they will be allowed to compete during the season. Weight certification will take place in the Field House, no costs to the wrestler.

Here are recommendations for watching your weight wisely:

  1. Don’t eat junk food or drink sugar pop (Including fruit drinks that are high in refined sugars) Replace bad food with good food.
  2. Eat sensible meals and have healthy snacks all day long. (5 small meals a day).  See www.choosemyplate.gov for more information.
  3. During the season, don’t let your weight fluctuate wildly. Try to keep it within three to five pounds of your weight class
  4. Train on your own before, during and after the season. Conditioning is cumulative and you will find yourself being able to train harder and at higher levels over time if you are consistent.
  5. DO NOT consume creatine, the product may have an effect on your kidneys. Included in this section is not drinking stimulant drinks such as “Rock Star and Monster drinks, etc.
  6. Protein supplements are ok as long as you stay within the recommended dosages.