When you participate in sports other than wrestling, you build your conditioning base and help to increase your overall athleticism. Preseason sports are highly encouraged and will accelerate your improvement in wrestling. If you do not, you should be doing some form of physical activity six days out of every week. That activity can consist of any number of things with duration of greater than 45 minutes. Running, biking, swimming, rollerblading, or hiking are just a few of the many things that dont take much time but help to build your conditioning base.

Strength & weight training is vital. Wrestling is a demanding sport both physically and mentally. When you strength train, it gives you a decided edge in your competitions, makes you mentally tough and puts you at a lesser risk of injury. Strength conditioning should be done with to work out the entire body with an emphasis in core body strength. Your lower core is your power base” and consists of the muscles of the abdominals, lower back and hips and your upper core is your scapular region.

Summer wrestling camps are encouraged. I will pass on summer information at the end of the school year and will encourage the Team to attend as many summer camps as possible. The wrestling room and weight room will be open for summer coaching if we get at least two wrestlers to attend on each day. If not, the coaches cannot meet with the wrestlers.

Good nutrition is a year-round daily consideration and is as important a factor for success as is strength training. I expect you to eat a nutritional, balanced diet every day with the focus on more fruits and vegetables. Fast food is devoid of any real nutritional value and most nutritionists recommend eating it no more than once per month. Refer to the nutritional guidelines for specifics at


I encourage you to consider participating in a spring sport.

It has been said that summer wrestlers make winter champions. This is true not only for aspiring state champions but for junior varsity wrestlers trying to break into the varsity lineup too. If you consider that during the regular season the average wrestler gets 20-40 matches yet in one typical freestyle tournament a wrestler can get eight matches and many wrestlers get between 30-50 matches in a single summer. In three summers of wrestling you can get the equivalent experience of four extra wrestling seasons.

During the summer I would like to see you doing some form of physical activity five days out of every week for a minimum of 45 minutes per session. It is beneficial to use a calendar or training log for goal setting and to track your activities levels. You may want to consider getting a job that

demands physical exertion and builds character. Look into The Boulder Parks and Rec. Dept. that has a summer trail building program or obtaining a landscaping or construction job.