Your education is your first priority! Being a student and an athlete means that you will have to stay organized and manage your time effectively in order to be successful at both pursuits. The Activity Secretary sends out a weekly record of your academic scores for each class, and eligibility will be checked on a weekly basis. All athletes must maintain passing grades in order to compete and practice. Tutoring will be strongly encouraged for those needing additional help. Missing practice to study for tests or finish homework is not acceptable. If an athlete falls below the eligibility requirements, they will sit out of competitions and practice until grades are brought to passing.  


We expect you to be a role model. That means you must maintain a level of conduct ABOVE that which is normally expected at school. The choices you make both inside and outside of the wrestling room are a reflection of you and of our program. Inappropriate behavior such as unsportsmanlike conduct, insubordination, or any other conduct detrimental to the Team is not tolerated. Infractions will be dealt with on a case by case basis with the wrestler, parents, and team captain(s) involved.

We expect you to treat your Teammates with Courtesy, Dignity, and Respect! Bullying, harassing, and teasing will not be tolerated.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Any athlete caught using or possessing illicit drugs or alcohol during the season will be disciplined according to BVSD’s policies and will be subject to additional Team consequences. Tobacco use is prohibited and is also subject to BVSD rules and Team consequences.

Practice Policies

Attendance: Practice will begin on time and end on time each day. We expect each wrestler to be in the room, dressed in our designated practice gear, and ready to begin on time. If you cannot make it to practice due to illness or any other reason, please have a parent contact us. If we do not receive a call within 24 hours of practice (before or after), the absence will be considered unexcused.

First Unexcused Absence:

  • Meeting with coaching staff and team captain(s)
  • Parent phone call
  • Wrestler loses the opportunity for challenge matches that week
  • Wrestler is not eligible for competition that week
  • Extra conditioning will be assigned

Second Unexcused Absence:

  • The wrestler is no longer a member of the team
  • Parent(s) phone call

Excused Absences:

  • Wrestlers ARE NOT allowed to challenge for a varsity spot during the week of an excused absence.

Practice Expectations

Team Practice is Monday-Friday 3:45-6:00 pm and Saturdays 8:00-10:00 am. Practice times may be modified to meet the team’s needs. The season runs from November 12th to February 14th, and we expect the following from every Panther during this time:

  • Be on time! Tardiness will result in extra conditioning.
  • Be prepared mentally to work hard and have a positive attitude.
  • Head gear must be worn during hard drilling and live wrestling.
  • Team practice uniforms must be worn without exception.
    • 5 sets of workout wrestling gear are required to make sure you have clean workout gear every day. Monday – purple shirt/gold shorts, Tuesday – gold shirt/purple shorts. REPEAT throughout the week.
    • Please wash your practice gear and towels daily to prevent skin diseases.
    • Please do NOT wash warm-ups. They are easily damaged if the care instructions are not followed.
  • Wear wrestling shoes daily, but have running shoes accessible.
  • Bring a large full water bottle (ex: 1-gallon milk container) labeled with your name.


The nature of this sport is one of bodily contact. It is imperative that you practice good hygiene. Poor hygiene can result in skin ailments such as ringworm and impetigo that can cause the closure of the wrestling room. You help ensure that we do not have these problems by doing the following:

  • Shower daily: before school, after practice, and any time after you’ve had a workout. All wrestlers will be expected to shower at the school immediately following ALL practices and competitions.
  • Use deodorant soap, warm water, AND A WASHCLOTH.
  • Use a clean towel.
  • Notify a coach if you find anything unusual on your skin.
  • Wear clean practice gear.
  • Regularly wash your headgear and kneepads.
  • Never walk on the practice mat without wiping your feet on the disinfectant mat.
  • Never walk on the mat barefooted or in anything other than wrestling shoes.

Weight Management

Wrestling is unique because it enables athletes to compete against another athlete of the same weight. When an athlete loses weight in an unsafe manner, it is not beneficial to himself or his team and will not be condoned. Most wrestlers will naturally shed excess weight through practice and proper diet. Prior to competition each fall, all wrestlers will be required to be weight-certified by a doctor which, with parent approval, will determine the lowest weight class at which they will be allowed to compete during the season. Weight certification will take place in the Field House at no cost to the wrestler.

Here are recommendations for watching your weight wisely:

  • Don’t eat junk food or drink sugar pop (Including fruit drinks that are high in refined sugars). Replace bad food with good food.
  • Eat sensible meals and have healthy snacks all day long (5 small meals a day).  See for more information.
  • During the season, don’t let your weight fluctuate wildly. Try to keep it within three to five pounds of your weight class.
  • Train on your own before, during and after the season. Conditioning is cumulative, and you will find yourself being able to train harder and at higher levels over time if you are consistent.
  • DO NOT consume creatine. It may have an effect on your kidneys. Similarly, do not drink stimulant drinks such as “Rock Star,” “Monster,” etc.
  • Protein supplements are ok as long as you stay within the recommended dosages.

Challenge Matches

We are an inclusive, no-cut sport, and the coaching staff believes in a fair system of tryouts for each athlete. At the start of each season, we hold a single-elimination tryout at every weight class to determine the varsity starter for that weight class. Once the season begins, the varsity starter can be challenged weekly to a single elimination wrestle-off. The winner of the match will wrestle varsity for that week and ongoing until beaten in another wrestle-off.  

We require that each athlete be within five pounds of the desired weight class on the day of a challenge. Challenge matches will be regularly scheduled and conducted as needed, but all challenges end three weeks prior to the regional tournament. Wrestlers are able to challenge one level above their current ranking each week. Wrestlers not adhering to the team philosophy may be replaced temporarily by a lower-level wrestler until corrections are made. Note that wrestlers who miss practices for any unexcused reason prior to tryouts will not be allowed to challenge.